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Windham Ob-Gyn
Associates, P.C.

387 Canal Street
Brattleboro, VT 05301
tel: (802) 254-2324

billing: (802) 257-5807
fax:     (802) 257-9164

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 Well Women Care

 We offer a dedicated team focused on the needs of each individual woman.

Our practice is accepting new gynecologic patients for routine and problem visits. An annual visit is recommended for all women who are sexually active or over the age of 21. An annual exam includes blood pressure check, breast and pelvic exams, Pap smear if indicated, HPV testing if indicated, sexually transmitted disease screening if requested, and review of current health conditions with an emphasis on preventative care. We can help manage problems such as vaginal infections, heavy or irregular periods, birth control counseling, pelvic pain, breast lumps, trouble getting pregnant, and many other concerns.
  • Contraception including the new progesterone based IUDAbnormal Bleeding
  • Thermal Ablation (in hospital)
  • CryoAblation the only in –office unit in the country
  • Abnormal Paps
  • Video Colposcope
  • Cryosurgery of the cervix
  • Aspen electrosurgical generator for LEEP procedures
  • Infertility
  • Fertility evaluation
  • Clomid challenge testing
  • Insemination